“Dentro de la Jaula”, ink pen on paper Amate, 150 x 180 cm.
Commissioned piece for the hotel Sombra del Agua in San Cristobal de Las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico) and in collaboration with Margarita Cantue, 2021.

Luxurious, fascinating but also mysterious, sometimes dangerous, nature is the cradle of ancient civilizations. Over the millennia, we have maintained a real bond with her that has been fueled in particular by mythology and rituals.
Between ocean and mountains, jungle and pine forests, Chiapas is one of those places where the connection between nature and humans has survived.

In front of her, we are seized with an inexplicable and familiar force at the same time, which touches the passing traveler as much as the local resident.
This strength is this impulse of life that we find it difficult to find in our society today. It is nature that manifests itself, in its greatest majesty and humility, to remind us of how vital it has been, is and always will be to us.

Within this invisible envelope, this protective cage, flora and fauna cooperate to nourish body and soul. This heart, these lungs, those are mine, those are yours.
We just have to listen to the beats, feel the liquid flowing through our veins, to remind ourselves that nature is everywhere, and that it is nature that keeps us alive.

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