Nature’s Cycle, collaboration with Taller 67 – Margarita Cantù, 2021.

Series of pieces created in San Cristobal de Las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico).

“Nature’s Cycle evokes life and death through a series of experimental pieces created under different artistic disciplines: freehand illustration with micropigment ink, embroidery and free-style clay modeling.

The illustrations were made on cane fiber paper and Mayan akum fiber (white jonote bark) from La Selva Lacandona.

These were embroidered with ixtle and woven shedded feathers. The clay pieces were created with traditional clay from Amatenango del Valle and finished with natural mineral pigments, before the artisanal burning process”.

The three vases are currently on display in the exhibition Diseño en femenino, México 1940-2022 at the Museo Franz Meyer, in Mexico City.