Anne-Sophie Guerinaud is a visual artist originally from France. In 2018, she received her ceramist diploma in Switzerland and has since spent the following years developing her skills and artistic identity in a free and nomadic manner. Through her travels and exposure to various cultures around the world, Anne-Sophie has been able to fuel her creativity by utilizing the resources of her environment. She has had the opportunity to work for various artists, visit workshops, and create pieces in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States.

Between 2020 and 2023, Anne-Sophie lived between Switzerland, the United States and Mexico and worked on her own projects while also collaborating with Mexican artisans and designers. Her first solo exhibition was recently held in Carouge-Geneva, Switzerland, during the International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics in September 2022.

Photo credit : Irina Popa.

Photo credit : Irina Popa.

The artist’s passion for ceramic decoration and hand-building techniques is reflected in her complex and meticulous modeling and painting over glaze. Her artistic world revolves around organic forms and emphasizes the power of natural elements. Drawing has also become a complementary field of expression for her, with her intricate pieces exploring the dynamic of moving bodies and the concept of fusion and hybridization.

Moreover, Anne-Sophie’s creative process evokes a spiritual dimension. Her delicate gesture reflects a meditative execution where the spirit is directly connected to the matter, and her hands are the sole intermediaries.

Photo credit : Allison Taylor.