Originally from France, it is through travels and the discovery of other cultures around the world that Anne-Sophie feeds her creative energy. 

Since graduating in Switzerland in 2018, the artist has spent the last few years continuing her training and defining her artistic identity in a free and nomadic way. She had the opportunity to work for various artists, visit workshops, and make pieces in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and in the United States. She spent the last year in Mexico, where she continued to work and did some collaborations with local artisans and designers.

Photo credit: Irina Popa
Photo credit: Irina Popa

Passionate about ceramic decoration and handbuilding techniques, Anne-Sophie Guerinaud carries out complex and meticulous modeling and painting over glaze. Her world revolves around organic forms and emphasizes the strength of the elements present in nature.

Also, drawing has become her second field of expression. As experiments aimed at studying the work of Nature, they constitute intricate pieces which are articulated around a dynamic of moving bodies accompanying the notion of fusion, of hybridization.

Also, through her creative process, the artist evokes the spiritual dimension. The delicate gesture reflects a long execution that could be described as meditative. The spirit is directly connected to matter, the hands as the only intermediaries.

Photo credit: Allison Taylor